Track: Variant- Flavors

New “Flavors” March Mix by: @VariantDJ


1. Headhunter- Lost Prophets

2.Trilogy- Automata
3.SBTRKT- Fright
4.Atlantic Connection- Take My Number
5.Breakage-Fighting Fire
6.Nibe- Hypnotise Me
7. Coleco- Taostic
8. Fleck & Fishfinger- Rude Profile
9.Envader- Hunter of the Purple Buffalo
10. Up Until Now- Obamation (Organic Variance Dubstep Remix)
11. Dreadsquad- Sweet Thing (Adam Faz Instrumental remix)
12.The Dynamics- Changes
13.Shakes- Lullaby (SPL Remix)
14.Saint Rider- Skazka
15.Quadrabeat- Bring Back the Bass
16. Helicopter Showdown- Get Tuff
17. George Lenton- Third
18. 501- White Lies
19. Dream-Keep Holding On
20. Flinch- Don’t Look Back
21. Hard 2 Flip- I Can’t Stop
22. Peo De Pitte- Burning Up (Torqux Remix)
23. Bodie- Keepin It Hood
24. Tony Anthem/Axl Ender- Different Shit (feat. Harry Shotta) (Balkansky Remix)
25. Peace Treaty- Change (Flinch Remix)
26. Sound of Rum- Slow Slow (High Rankin Remix)
27. Koya- Killing Distance
28.Backdraft &Ebere- Falling
29.Produce & Destroy- EZ Cheezy Feat. Mr. Lacey
30.Medics- Start Again
31.Getter- Cybertron Disco
32. Variant- Reality Bites

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